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Delivering the world’s best evidence based solutions for learning 

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Delivering the world’s best evidence based solutions for learning

AU 1300 203 104  |  NZ 0800 451 959

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Success Stories from our Professional Providers


Nicola Glew was a teacher in Sydney when she saw how the Fast ForWord language & cognitive enhancement and reading development programs changed the learning capacity of her students.

When she returned to her home town in New Zealand, she established her own learning centre, Fast Learning NZ, to provide local students with the benefits of the neuroscience programs.

Nicola says, “The value of the support I have had from LearnFast is impossible to overstate”. Listen to the video to hear more from Nicola.

literacy2_1“Fast ForWord has given my clients the extra boost they needed and addressed underlying learning problems. This has helped my ongoing therapy with them as it has had an impact sooner and the children have made longer-term gains. It would have taken me years to achieve the same result, and in many cases, I may not have at all. I am delighted to see them succeeding”. Speech Pathologist, Victoria.

written-expression“The addition of Fast ForWord to my practice has been a great success for my kids and a welcome opportunity for extra income in the down times, like school holidays. Through Fast ForWord referrals I have gained speech therapy clients, and through speech therapy, I have gained Fast ForWord clients. What is most pleasing though, is seeing the difference to the students I work with who do both therapy and the Fast ForWord program – they are just doing so well”.  Speech Pathologist, NSW.
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